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Attipas Ergonomic Footwear based on kinetic and physio-dynamic test of toddlers’ walking. It enables steady and stable walking pattern, in terms of angle of the leg joints. It helps brain development by feeling of the sole and toe movements. It correct toddlers’ walking behavior by evenly distributing foot pressure. Functional Toddler Ergonomic Footwear which targets ages from 3 months to 40 months to help walking quality of growth phased by babies.

  1. Convenience – strong smooth, non-slip, machine washable, fast drying
  2. Breathability – superior breathable find holes release the baby feet’s heat (International Patent)
  3. Big Toe Box – free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development
  4. Safety – non use of hazardous materials and adhesives, no use of Formaldehyde (KCL Passed)
  5. Light Weight and Flexibility – super light weight just like wearing socks

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